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Photo Restoration and Digital Services

I offer an array of digital restoration and image manipulation services, such as repair from age or damage, removal of unwanted people or objects and special effects.

Below are a few samples. I have more than 25 years of experience with Adobe PhotoShop and more than 30 years of experience with traditional film cameras and darkroom techniques.

Restore old wedding photos, fix the color on childhood memories, or repair damage done by water, mold or the elements. You can even have people removed from group photos, or distracting elements taken out.

Please note: All restoration work is digital. I do not perform physical restorations. Images must be presented as prints or in high-quality digital form—I do not have a slide or transparency scanner.

Rates vary, depending on the nature of the restoration and your budget. I can make big improvements very quickly, or I can provide museum quality restoration work…and everything in between.

Typical restorations for fading or minor damage can be as low as $50-$75 per photo, with complex restorations billable at $300 per hour. Don't let the hourly rate scare you off, though! Sometimes big improvements can be made very quickly, and 10 minutes may be all that is necessary. For truly complex work, where pieces are missing or severely damaged, we can talk about what's possible.

Estimates are free, and if you don't like the results, you don't pay!

Send email to info@amesphotos.com for more information.


Digital color restoration
Color Restoration


wedding photo restoration
Extensive Damage Restoration with Facial Reconstruction
Click for a larger before and after comparison


restore old photos
Repair damage (click for larger image)


photo restoration
Complex restoration with color, damage repair and missing areas


wedding photo restoration
Color balance, lens distortion correction

Photo Restoration State College with water damage
Water Damage and Mold (click for larger image)

complex photo repair
Complex restorations (click for larger image)

restoring wedding photos
Wedding photo repair


Portrait Retouching and Digital Airbrushing

Nobody's perfect. Even the youngest, most beautiful models in the world need a little touching up.

It's the details after a shoot that make a portrait different from a snapshot, and the camera sees things
a lot differently than the human eye. I make every portrait as faithful as I can to what I see, not what the
camera sees. Sometimes that means the removal of blemishes, sometimes it means adjusting an angle,
but it always means you get the real you.

When looking at a portrait, people should see you, not your human imperfections. Click the images
below for a "before and after" example. The portrait on the left is a high-resolution version of the image
you see. The sample on the right is animated to show both before and after airbrushing.

Portrait retouching is a flat $50 per image.